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Duration: 8:00 minutes


Difficulty: Medium Advanced


Movements 1, 2, and 4 are transposed down a whole step in the band arrangement.



2 Flutes 
2 Oboes 
3 Clarinets in Bb 
Bass Clarinet 
2 Bassoons

2 Alto Saxes 
Tenor Sax 
Baritone Sax

3 Trumpets in Bb 
4 Horns in F 
2 Trombones 
Bass Trombone 

Double Bass (optional)

Harp (optional) 
Piano (optional) 
Celesta (optional)

Percussion 1: Glockenspiel, Xylo, Snare Dr., Cr. Cym., Marimba 
Percussion 2: Mark Tree, Sus. Cym., Cr. Cym., Tam-tam, Tambourine, Bell Tree, Vibes, Bass Drum 
Percussion 3: Woodblock, Sus. Cym., Marimba, Bass Drum, Small Triangle, Bell Tree, Mark Tree, Glockenspiel, Cr. Cym.



Flashback Symphonic Suite for Band (4 mvmts)

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