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Baby Steps at Taiwan Cinema Party

Listen to my main theme from Baby Steps

As a Taiwanese American composer, I was proud to attend the Taiwan Cinema Party (organized by the Taipei Film Commission), where they unveiled the trailer to Baby Steps, a film I worked on that was directed by Barney Cheng, and produced by Li-Kong Hsu, the Oscar-Winning Producer of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Wedding Banquet.

Watch the trailer here:

It was wonderful to get to connect and meet some the cast and crew involved with the film at the party.

Baby Steps-Cast-Crew.JPG

Cast and Crew of Baby Steps

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 3.jpg

Party at the Santa Monica Loews Hotel

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 1.jpg

With Michael Adam Hamilton (Lead Actor), Barney Cheng (Director/Lead Actor), and Lauryn Nicole Hamilton (Supporting Cast).

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 5.jpg

With Baby Steps actress Grace Guei (known for her work in Wedding Banquet and Eat Drink Man Woman)

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 7.jpg

With Li-Kong Hsu the producer of Baby Steps and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 6.jpg

With Khan Lee (Ang Lee's brother)

Taiwan Film Commission-AFM - 8.jpg

With some amazing filmmakers (L-R): Alan Pao (Producer of Revenge of the Green Dragons), Jeffrey Gee Chin (Director of Star Wars Musical, Lil Tokyo Reporter), Henry Chan (Director of 100 Days), Nadine Truong (Director of Someone I Used to Know), Brian Yang (Producer of Linsanity, Someone I Used to Know), and Weiko Lin (Writer/Producer of 100 Days).

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