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Baby Steps | Taiwan Movie Premiere & Soundtrack Release

I was recently in Taipei, Taiwan for the premiere of Barney Cheng's first feature film (that he wrote, directed, and starred in), Baby Steps. It was a joy to compose the music for this funny and dramatic film from Oscar-winning producer Li-Kong Hsu (of Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, The Wedding Banquet, Eat Drink Man Woman) and Stephen Israel (Swimming With Sharks, G.B.F., I Do).

Visiting Taiwan (where my parents are both from) was a blast, the people there are so nice and generous. Of course I was also very excited to eat Taiwanese food. Watch the video below to see my experience at the premiere and in Taipei!

Ang Lee sends his best wishes for the premiere of Baby Steps!

Pictures from the premiere

Baby Steps Premiere

With actor Michael Adam Hamilton.

With actress Love Fang, and Barney Cheng's real life mom.

With the cast at Ambassador Theater. Rockin' my Jeremy Lin shirt!

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