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Michael Giacchino's Planet of the Apes Cover Contest Finalist

What an honor to find out I'm a finalist in Michael Giacchino's War for the Planet of the Apes Cover Contest. While I didn't win, it's still cool to know that Michael heard my arrangement, he's someone who's career and work I greatly admire!

I had the idea to take 2 of Michael's themes from the movie (at one point having them play in counterpoint to each other: Exodus Wounds and Don't Luca Now), and use them to score the trailer, which gave me the opportunity to go big and epic with it.

A big thank you to the musicians who helped with this. They were incredible!

George Shaw - Piano, Clarinet Nicole Fullmer - Oboe, English Horn Preston Shepard - French Horn Merethe Soltvedt - Vocals

Here's my entry!

See the winner and other finalists here, there's some good ones, I especially liked what Peter Mowry and Juan Luis Roig did!

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