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Abominable and the Invisible City Soundtrack

Both the show (Hulu/Peacock) and the soundtrack are now available to stream! It's been an utter joy to compose music for such a fun and delightful show that's full of heart, comedy, adventure, fantasy, and so much more.

Listen to the soundtrack here.

Screening at DreamWorks

On Oct. 4, DreamWorks hosted a private screening at their on campus Campanile Theater, followed by a panel of the creatives behind the show. It was the first time I got to be in a room in person with a lot of the crew, since almost all of the meetings took place on Zoom.

Pictured (L-R): Moderator Jazz Tangcay, Showrunner Jim Schumann, Head Writers Ethel Lung and Tiffany Lo, Art Director Sei Nakashima, Composer George Shaw

Afterwards the evening concluded with a live performance of a concert suite that I arranged especially for this evening, featuring Stephanie Yu on solo violin. She's the violinist featured on the soundtrack for Yi's magical playing, and I also shot reference video of her performances that were used as reference for the animators to match Yi's playing. For this performance, I even added some additional virtuoso solo violin parts to the arrangement, and she nails it like the rockstar that she is!

Clips of the performance below

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Solo Violin: Stephanie Yu

Flute: Sarah Robinson

Clarinet/Bawu: George Shaw

Pipa: Celia Yu Liu

Percussion: Isaku Kageyama

Violin 1: Ray Reinebach

Violin 2: Sheng-Ching Hsu

Viola: Kevin Hsu

Cello: Suji Kang

Soundtrack Credits

I have to give thanks to the many talented people who contributed their talents to make this soundtrack a reality!

Soundtrack Album Produced by George Shaw

Mixed and Mastered by Alvin Wee

Solo Violin: Stephanie Yu

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Bawu, Lion Drum: George Shaw

Dizi: Josh Plotner

Erhu: Hannah Zhang

Violin: Ray Reinebach, Sheng-Ching Hsu

Viola: Kevin Hsu

Cello: Judy Kang

Alto Sax: Samuel da Silva (via Musiversal)

Trumpet: Jon-Paul Frappier (via Musiversal)

Trombone: Chris Ott (via Musiversal)

Drum Set: Adam Alessi (via Musiversal)

Electric Guitar: Mike Fonte (via Musiversal)

Violin: Ali Bello, Damian Bolotin (via Musiversal)

Cello: Joe Zeitlin (via Musiversal)

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