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Lost in Space Season 3 - Additional Music

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

What a thrill to help composer Christopher Lennertz on Season 3 of Netflix's Lost in Space by doing additional music and additional programming! I've already been a fan of the show, so it was cool to finally binge watch the final season of the show, which had a very satisfying ending.

I actually didn't even realize one of the scenes I did programming on, was actually part of a climactic final battle in the final episode (I avoided watching anything beyond the scenes I was assigned to avoid spoilers)! I'm also happy to hear the show has been number 1 for a number of weeks on Netflix. Also excited to be involved with a show scored by a mentor of mine, that also has a main theme composed by my hero, John Williams! If you haven't seen it yet, all 3 seasons are available on Netflix.

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