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Now Composing for upcoming TV series from DreamWorks Animation

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I'm incredibly grateful to the Universal Composers Initiative for the many doors it's opened for my career, and the most exciting news is to now announce that I have been hired to compose for an upcoming TV series from DreamWorks Animation! It's a dream come true to finally get my break into the Hollywood industry after nearly 2 decades of struggling in low budget indie/YouTube territory. It's also a dream project where everyday I'm working, I'm amazed at what a perfect fit I am for the show, as well as having so much fun writing music that covers a range of magic, heart, comedy, and adventure!

So my most heartfelt thanks to the execs in the Universal Film Music Department and Universal's Global Talent Development and Inclusion team that helped introduce me to the amazing music team at DreamWorks Animation Television and the opportunity to audition for this new show! Now I get to work with such amazing people, and I couldn't be happier!

The wonderful news about my newest project was announced in The Hollywood Reporter, which was a surprise to me, but I'm happy it's now public! The article announces the 2nd class of composers chosen for the Universal Composers Initiative, many of whom I know (we're almost all members of the Composers Diversity Collective) and I'm so proud of them and excited to see their careers grow! I can't wait to announce more details when the DreamWorks show is announced.

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