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13 Years to Score 'Treasure of the Templars'

20 years ago a group of filmmakers decided to make a feature length Indiana Jones fan film. That film is finally nearing completion, so I'm thrilled to share the score that I spent 13 years composing, recording bits and pieces over time, and finally finishing the final 3 scenes during the 2020 pandemic.

I'm especially thrilled with the live brass recorded at The Bridge Recording studio when it first opened in 2010, which was engineered by John Rodd, and excited to share some of that footage here. It's been so long, that The Bridge is under new ownership and is now Silent Zoo Studios, and holds a storied history of recording great film and tv scores.

I've certainly aged in those years, having matured in my writing, production, and orchestration talents, but I'm still impressed with what I was able to pull off in my twenties when I first began the project.

Modern action movies aren't really scored the way an Indiana Jones flick is scored, so to be able to step into a bygone era is something I'll always treasure. Be sure to listen to the Templars Love Theme (at 25:50), I love a lush soaring melody with rich harmonies. One thing that stuck out to me in an interview John Williams gave, was how he handled comedic action scenes like ballet. So I had fun doing my own balletic takes on action music in this (Examples: (12:56) Chasing the Key, or (15:17) Brawl in the Hills).

Thank you to director Jonathan Lawrence for your passion in keeping this project alive all these years and for making it look as good as it does, despite being filmed way back before Digital HD cameras existed. Also for trusting me to be creative and give everything I could to bring the audience into this world of spirited swashbuckling adventure that we all love.

Also thank you Ken Gawne (who plays Indy in the film) for somehow finding me on the internet and reaching out to ask me to go on this journey with you!

I've waited so long to share this music, so please give it a listen!

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