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Disney’s Dream Come True: Ruling the Star Wars Galaxy Through Song

Loved Star Wars Musical: A New Hope and can't wait for more? Great news! We're making a seqel - Star Wars Musical: The Empire's New Groove!

We have 6 days left of our crowdfunding campaign and we would love your support:

If we reach at least $5000 by this Friday 11/13/15 (we’re just over $3000 at this point), I will send all my backers a digital download of my music from the soon-to-be-released Star Trek Wars trailer that pays homage to The Force Awakens trailer!

Here's how you can support:

1) Fund our campaign at

2) Share the love on social media!

3) Enter to win a Star Wars Musical T-shirt from our Photoshop contest! Deadline: Nov 19.

Want to post about the Empire's New Groove on your social media? Here are some posts you can share:

Twitter: Star Wars spoofed as a Disney musical? I support @StarWarsMusical's @RocketHub campaign:

Facebook: Star Wars spoofed as a Disney musical? I support the sequel - Star Wars Musical: Empire's New Groove! Watch: Fund:


Interviews with the cast of Star Wars Musical

What would Andrew Bowen do with force powers? Andrew talks all things Star Wars (Han Solo), and the upcoming episode of Star Wars Musical!

Catching up with actor Tim Fitzsimons (Luke Skywalker) at Comikaze Expo about #StarWarsMusical. Tim talks his favorite song, would he be Jedi or Sith, & his favorite Star Wars Character.​

Star Wars Musical

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