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Conducting at Kollaboration Star 2015

Last weekend, I had the honor of conducting at Kollaboration Star 2015 with amazing musicians like Dia Frampton, MC Jin, AJ Rafael, Tim Be Told, Travis Atreo, & Jun Sung Ahn!

I was thrilled to get to share the stage in the performance of some amazing songs that had me covered in goosebumps!

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Having a blast at the Kollaboration Star 2015 red carpet!

Backstage with the incredibly talented Dia Frampton. She was runner-up in the 1st season of The Voice!

Conducting an orchestra with Dia Frampton singing

On stage with the performers and staff of Kollaboration Star 2015

Conducting while Travis Atreo belts his heart out!

Onstage with AJ Rafael, Tim Be Told, and MC Jin.


Kollaboration Medley Video (I enter around 7:30)

Performance with Tim Be Told and MC Jin (starts 8:48)

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