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The 716th Premieres on Prime Video

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

I couldn't be prouder of this project. Mostly due to my love of Sci-Fi and adventure, but this short film just has an incredible story, incredible visuals, and great humor. I loved composing the kind of Sci-Fi/Adventure music that I've always dreamt of writing, full of rollicking themes, soaring moments, and of course a dark and evil bad guy theme.

It's M.A.S.H. meets Guardians of the Galaxy, and you can watch it right now on Prime Video! If you love it, share/repost/tweet it. Maybe if we get enough views, there's potential to turn this into a feature or TV show?

US Link:

UK Link:

Just for you readers of my blog, you can hear the entire score that I composed below!

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