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Escape the Night Season 4 Premieres to 6 million views in Opening Weekend

I'm amazed at the success of Escape the Night. Season 4 All Stars just premiered, bringing back many beloved characters. It's been a wonderful musical journey for me as a composer. I especially had fun with this current season, as the monsters in the Collector's Museum of the Dead that come to life in each episode to terrorize our cast, gave me an opportunity to incorporate ethnic instruments from different cultures into the score.

At the end of the first episode, we are introduced to a Mummy. For the mummy's theme, I played with middle eastern scales, the oud (a middle eastern guitar like instrument), and drawing on inspiration from composer Miklós Rózsa (who famously scored Ben Hur) to give it an ancient and evil Egyptian feel. Hear a preview of it in this promo.

I also felt like a way of tying together the characters from all the various seasons, as well as relating the monsters together with a thematic thread, I worked in variations of the show's main theme into the different monster themes.

For the first episode's theme, Ride to Hell, I opened it with a mysterious and sneaky flute rendition of the main theme, and towards the end gave a rousing heroic rendition with pounding drums and brass.

Escape the Night is YouTube Premium's longest running series, and the first episodes of Escape the Night’s previous three seasons have amassed 20.5 million, 25.8 million, and 11.9 million views, respectively.

Already season 4 is on track to have a good following, as the first episode has gotten around 6 million views in it's opening weekend. And each season there's been a huge billboard of the show on LA's Sunset Strip!

Stay tuned for new episodes and an upcoming soundtrack release on September 5, 2019.

In meantime, listen to the first 3 seasons of Escape the Night on Spotify.

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