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Hop On | Lunar Revel 2023 Cinematic - Riot Games

What a dream come true to get to compose music for the gorgeously animated 2023 Lunar New Year cinematic for Riot Games, one of the biggest video game companies in the world.

One of the fun aspects of scoring this cinematic, aside from writing epic orchestral and Asian music to such gorgeous visuals, was finding out that the voice actor who recorded Zoe's voice for League of Legends, Erica Lindbeck, had surprised Riot while recording the character's lines with the fact that she could beatbox.

So naturally they recorded her doing some beatboxing, and I was sent the audio files which had been recorded some years earlier. It was a fun challenge to take those and edit them to fit my music.

Also props to Nikhil Koparkar, who composed the main theme for Riot's overall Lunar New Year campaign, which I enjoyed working into the final climax of the video.


Music by: George Shaw

Additional Campaign Composers: Nikhil Koparkar and Dan Negovan

Additional Programming: Brandon Lau

Musicians: Dizi: Ashley Jarmak

French Horn: Dylan Hart

Pipa and Ruan: Celia Liu

Musician Contractor: Noah Gladstone

Recording Engineer: Adam Michalak

Recorded at Hollywood Scoring, Los Angeles

Mixed by: Alvin Wee

Supervised by: Kole Hicks

Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

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