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The Times Batman Fought Superman

I grew up reading Superman comics, starting with the death of Superman comics in the 90's. I remember every Sunday I would go to the comic store, pick up and read the latest issues, and then watch Lois and Clark. I avidly soaked up the various animated incarnations of Superman and Batman, so to see the two titans of DC share the screen in the live-action film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, even though I had mixed feelings about Man of Steel, is pretty exciting for this geek!

Even the Warner Brothers water tower on the studio lot dressed up for the occasion!

Theme Mashup

Here's my own contribution for fans of the iconic themes for Superman and Batman by John Williams and Danny Elfman. I mashed the two together into one orchestral piece:

This Superman and Batman mash-up is also now the theme song of DC Prime Time podcast! I'm truly honored to have my work heard on this podcast every week. I was also invited to be a guest on the podcast where I nerded out about my love of the DC Universe.

The germ of the idea to do the mashup came from scoring this fan film a friend of mine made. There just wasn't enough room...

When Clark met Bruce

Also check out The Catman Rises, a funny video where I spoofed some Batman music!

Recommended viewing: Batman vs. Superman in animation

Check out these showdowns in animation, both available on Netflix.

The Batman Season 5 Episode 1 & 2: The Batman/Superman Story

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

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